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Do FTTC Users Need Telephone Exchanges?

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Re: Do FTTC Users Need Telephone Exchanges?

In a campus situation we feed fibre to closets around the site, the closets contain optical fibre switches which then feed other switches located on the buildings/floors. We run dark fibre between geographic sites in the locality, these connect into equipment rooms/closets on site.  It is in effect a resilient cross connected hierarchy.   What we don't do is to attempt to feed all rooms in all buildings with direct physical fibres from one central hub. My team were doing this in 2001, with an international "private" network delivering voice and data to link campus locations and branch offices. It saved us millions of pounds every year.

What I'm hearing from BT in 2018 is they can't do FTTP because it would entail running all the fibres from the buildings back to a central exchange?


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