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Dentists & Dental Charges

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Dentists & Dental Charges

My NHS Dentist of 20+ years retired three years ago, he was excellent.

It was worth travelling 20 miles to see him, after we moved.

Occasionally, for some minor procedures, I would not be charged, I am not eligible for free dental treatment, and quite willingly pay.

 He informed all his patients he would be retiring, which gave plenty of time to look for a more local Dentist.


We signed up for a  local NHS Dentist, recommended, there was a 6 month waiting list to be accepted.

We started at the new practise, just as our previous Dentist retired.


Our new Dentist is every bit as good as our previous one, and he has the same attitude to minor procedures.....

Three times now I have not been charged for minor procedures, the latest being a reduction of a sharp edge on a tooth, which involved 10 minutes work.


Even not charged for Dental X-Ray once.


Other work, including the obligatory Check & Polish is charged.

I wonder if the Dentist is recompensed in some way by the NHS for work they do not charge for ?


We have been very fortunate in having excellent Dentists, working in a modern joint Practise in each case, appointment same / next day for pain, just a couple of days for non urgent treatments.


With such great service, we have never needed to go Private.


We have been very fortunate with having superb Dentists, highly skilled, who take time to explain everything, and produce excellent work.


On holiday in San Francisco a while back, I needed some minor dental work, Hotel had a list.

Immediate appointment, treatment cost $60.


Downside, even though I was a tourist in SF for just a few days, he was pushing extra procedures, including non essential cosmetic dentistry !!

Back home, trying to claim on Holiday Insurance, the claim form was several complicated pages long, requiring all sorts of personal & Medical history, didn't bother in the end.



As always, accessing Medical services abroad really does make you appreciate the NHS.




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Re: Dentists & Dental Charges

I wonder if he's saving up the smaller stuff and calling it a "course of treatment" as per....


You will not be charged for individual items within a course of treatment. Depending on what you need to have done, you should only ever be asked to pay one charge for each complete course of treatment, even if you need to visit your dentist more than once to finish it. A course of treatment is finished when your dentist considers good oral health has been achieved.



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Re: Dentists & Dental Charges

I am [i]lucky[/i] in that I have an certificate (get an HC1 form), so don't have to pay full cost for the work done, I recently had to have a root treatment done, it took nearly 6 months of appointments (1 a month), and would have cost ~£360 if I hadn't had the cert, as it was it cost me £44.
I don't get your level of service but it is a council run dentist, took me over a year to get on the list. I can usually get same week visits, unless it is an emergency then I might get told to appear and wait.