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Debt Collectors Letter

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Re: Debt Collectors Letter

Has the neighbour obtained details of the alleged debt? Sometimes debts can arise from continuous payment authorities on credit cards for services that people forget they have ordered and failed to cancel. Even "closing" a credit card account will not put a stop to these. Or it could just be a debt collector trying it on because there is a debtor with the same or similar name who used to live in the area.
If there was a valid debt but this is the first time there has been any communication about it in over 6 years then it may be "statute barred"
A slightly different topic but there may be some overlap -
BBC Radio 4 Moneybox today on the subject of debt collectors hassling the current resident of an address for the debts of a previous resident. Around 19m30s in.
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Re: Debt Collectors Letter

Quote from: gleneagles
Registering with CIFAX is a good idea but it seems wrong that you pay £20 a year to prevent someone stealing money from you, equally £20 is cheaper than having the hassle of trying to sort the problem out.

If this company legitimately think he owes a debt, then they have every legal right to pursue it and will continue to do so even if he pays this £20 - It's a bit late for that now.
If it is in his exact name ie. He's Mr.Jones and they've not written to Mr.Bones etc (In which case just return or ignore it), then the first step is as advised above, which is a request under the consumer credit act (CCA request) see second post here -
or further info here  -
I have done this on many many occasions for someone else to at least 6 different 'debt collectors' over the last 7 years, and not one of them has fulfilled it or taken any further action other than their nonsense laughable threatening letters "PAY NOW OR WE WILL BE FORCED TO CONSIDER FURTHER ACTION" (Which they're now not allowed to do as it's considered to be bullying/harrassment).
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Re: Debt Collectors Letter

Some useful letters there !