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Dear voter

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Dear voter

Received a letter today addressed to both myself and my wife by our full names with no Mr and Mrs. My wife's name was even spelt correctly as it is a very unusual spelling of a common English name. The envelope was printed in some very fetching handwriting font.
Inside was a standard letter addressed 'Dear Voter'
Please vote for me Cheesy
If so much trouble had gone into addressing the envelope surely it couldn't have been above someone to do a mail-merge Undecided

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Re: Dear voter

they get the flyers in the envelopes printed by a company the envelopes are mail merge printed .........
I get stuff like that all the time and its just naff, i'd far rather they just handed those letters to the post office without the envelopes like the other wasters do, also you only get the posted version when they know there not going to bother visiting you in person .......
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