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Dear Plusnet,

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Dear Plusnet,

We've all got our own different views on this new forum... but today i went into the control panel to look for something when i noticed this:




Now I don't know about anyone else but i can't help but think that you've not given us many options about the preference options.

EG how do i set the preference options link location? - i'd prefer it on the right not the left...  and thats just one example i've managed to think of in the last 1/2 an hour.


So plusnet, on behalf of all the (few) forum users, could we have some "Preference Options Options"? Wink

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Plusnet Staff
Plusnet Staff
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Re: Dear Plusnet,

My preference is for preference options to contain options about your preferences and not any options that aren't about your preferences.

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 Chris Parr
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Re: Dear Plusnet,

@Chris  That would be a good option, if you could access the preference for choosing the options, before accessing the options to choose the preferences. 


Mind you, it would be good either way, I suppose.....    Depending on what you set your preferences or options to in the first place...