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Dear David..

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Dear David..

Well after a week of seeing things like these:
I thought I would come up with some more box ticking things the government could waste some money on.  We all love a good survey, poll or bit of research so I thought up some ideas and even some costs that the government could happily put into them!

  • Do MPs like money? - £300k + expenses & accomodation

  • Do cats climb fences? - £20k

  • Does London suffer from traffic jams? - £500k

  • Do bankers care for the nation? - £23million + subsidies & expenses

  • Does money grow on trees? £14million

  • Does the sun shine in space? - £500K

Any more ideas?  Wink
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Re: Dear David..

Do bears...
Is the Pope...
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Re: Dear David..

Who provides the best value broadband - that could be free to the government - 'Sponsored by Celebrity Big Brother'
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