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Dealing with survey callers

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Dealing with survey callers

As some of you know, we play with telemarketers and scammers, recording the results for your pleasure and lols Wink
Guaranteed to bring a smile to this otherwise dull day!
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Re: Dealing with survey callers

I didn't realise how many rung my number during the day till I retired. In the 9 months since I retired my calls have gone from 2 or 3 a week to amost none now because I played with them using all the tips and tricks posted around.
I'm sure as well as a 'sucker' list they must also have a list of time wasters like me.
My best one was a guy from 'Microsoft Europe' who spent about 10 minutes trying to get me to download and install some software. I held on as long as possible being helpful before he eventually asked the make and model of PC ...... Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 .... I don't think he saw the funny side when I told him I knew what he was up to from minute 1 but decided to play along with his scam.
Let's be careful out there !