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Data protection

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Data protection

My wife and I posted the relevant form each in respect of applying for postal voting for all future elections. Considering I did a similar thing but only for the 2010 general election and with plenty of time yet never got the postal vote in time I decided to ring to ensure they have received/processed the application.
The lady I spoke to confirmed that the forms had been received but would not confirm whether the request had been accepted due to Data Protection laws. When I suggested she ask relevant security questions she explained that the rules are different for the Electoral Commission. Yet she took an email address from me to send details of whether the application has been accepted or not - I could have been anyone giving that email as I simply used vote@<mydomain>
Anyone else met with this?

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Re: Data protection

I would of taken the email address and then used the one you listed on the form to supply you with a notification someone had tried ot access your details ....
btw you can check for yourself about your voter registration through the internet as well as fill in the returns and submit them electronically

personally I prefer to get the card and bimble down to the polling station  to ensure my vote is cast, its not likely that I wouldn't be able to make it there in person especially since I was forced to stop working .....
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