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Daily Mail - Climate Change

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Daily Mail - Climate Change

Usually when I refer to this paper I call it the Daily Fail - but not this time.

They have published an excellent article about climate change.

It is well worth reading!

Thirty years ago Margaret Thatcher warned of man-made global warming. I fear this blazing summer is ...

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Re: Daily Mail - Climate Change

Well, now..... The person.... " Margaret Thatcher".... is conservative..(party leader at one time) ...    Michael Howard... is conservative, ( party leader at one time)  and the paper reporting it is aligned to the conservative party...


Obviously... no bias has been attached to this piece of journalism.....  and , indeed, here is a quote from it...


Although we should not rush to assume it is man-made climate change, common sense demands that we ask the question.


FIrst part.....   ( in bold )     True

second part ( in italics )   also true,.... but the quesion is.... Why.... is the conservative party so strong on this?

  probably, because they can use it to raise more stealth taxes.. (congestion charge, global warming charge, diesel emissions charge, etc etc etc, )


When was the last great long hot summer...... and when was the one prior to that?     I`m only guessing... there was one during the second world war, around 1943/44 Huh    35/40 years later...... another one in the 70`s/80`s...... and about 35/40 years later,.... this one  ? ? ?? 35/40 years on from the last one....


Not sure  about long cold periods,.... but there was one in the early 1960`s.....  when tons of snow laid down all over england,..

another in the early 90`s, when we had a very long period of below freezing temps, ( about 2 months if I remember)... ( oh look  30 years since the last one..... )... so maybe we are due for a very hard winter coming sooon...  ? ? ? ?


No, I`m not  a political person.... just saying.... 





On further reading.... it is not really a "report" ... more like a "blow my own trumpet" and another one for the conservative party....

Here are some quotes from many different the writer...

Margaret Thatcher, in whose government I served,

Four years later, as Environment Secretary, I played a small role

Then, and in the years since, I have had many conversations with climate scientists.

Since 1992, there has been a backlash against the notion

I believe that the extent of this backlash is often exaggerated

In general, I believe, people accept there is a man-made component to the erratic weather

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Re: Daily Mail - Climate Change

A few weeks ago one newspaper announced that the heatwave would last till October!