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Daily Fail

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Daily Fail

Surely no-one is going to defend the Daily Fail for this one - a serious miss-judgement by anyone's standards.


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Re: Daily Fail

Usual Tory tabloid trash, so no surprises there.


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Re: Daily Fail

I agree but the Daily Mail has to sell the paper and they are going to print what appeals to the mentality of what most readers of that paper want.

What I found more offensive was the picture of that murderer of those people in London plastered across the front page of several newspapers and shown on TV.

Whilst we should never forget his crime the sooner we forget about him the better.

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Re: Daily Fail

Rather than looking at their legs (especially TM's, uurrgghhhhh perish the thought) I think I would prefer it if they both were required to do a bit of stand-up in the style of Bernard Manning! I wonder what their expressions would look like. Shocked

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Re: Daily Fail

It is a great photograph of two successful and powerful women, and the headline is inspired.  I would imagine they're both rather pleased with it. Neither of them are shrinking violets and certainly Mrs. May has always used her wardrobe to advantage.


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Re: Daily Fail

JPN wrote:

Mrs. May has always used her wardrobe to advantage.

 I can imagine what she would like to do with that wardrobe right now.


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Re: Daily Fail

Spot the photoshopping.

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Re: Daily Fail

Let's hope that when the Brexit negotiations begin we don't see a similar photograph of Frau Merkel.