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Daft Daffodils ! !

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Daft Daffodils ! !

Daffodil.... the National Flower of Wales... and St.David.    


What a sight to behold, when they are in bloom... a sure sign that spring is here....


Well... here in Portsmouth... they are already in bloom along side the roadways !... and I haven`t seen the Snowdrops or Crocus out yet...


Usually it is  Snowdrops... then Crocus... then Daffodils.  but hey... the daily mail ( you know, that reliable source of info, oft maligned on this forum ! ! ).. is predicting the next two weeks will be warm*(er ) and Wet... before we enter a FREEZE period...



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Re: Daft Daffodils ! !

We had some nice big clumps of wild primroses in full flower at the same time as the slushy snow a month or so back.

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Re: Daft Daffodils ! !

Here in Wales where we see lots of them of course - but rarely if ever growing wild for some reason. We'd see carpets of them growing wild in the woodlands of France but let's be honest, they are rather stinky truth be told. Maybe a mistake of history and something lost in translation, as the Welsh for Leek is Cenhinen, while the Welsh for Daffodil is Cenhinen Pedr.

And that connection with St David? Not heard that one before. 

Is it Easter yet? I'm in need of some chocolate. Smiley


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Re: Daft Daffodils ! !

Here in the Queen of the Suburbs they used to plant 100,000 daffodil bulbs every year, but with the cutbacks I doubt that has continued, none flowering yet in any  case.  Last year the flower on the first one just outside where I live opened on 30th January.