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DO feed the ducks ! ! !

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DO feed the ducks ! ! !

Yeah we had a gaggle of responses to the "Don`t feed the ducks" thread.... so this one is about  DO feed the ducks..


Council suspends ALL it`s litter wardens due to a litter warden giving a woman an "On the spot fine" for throwing bread around ( litter ) when there were no ducks to be seen....

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Re: DO feed the ducks ! ! !

At least the council were not, 'ducking' the issue.



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Re: DO feed the ducks ! ! !

i suppose, technically, it was littering.
however it probably wasn't in the spirit of what the law was trying to enforce.

i could dump an old sofa at the side of the road and say it's not littering as i was leaving it for a homeless person to sit on that just hadn't turned up yet.
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Re: DO feed the ducks ! ! !

If she was in America she would have called her D.A.

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Re: DO feed the ducks ! ! !

Well no, let's not feed the ducks Smiley


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Re: DO feed the ducks ! ! !

i don't flappin believe it..

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