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D Notice.

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D Notice.

I Always thought that once a D Notice had been served that would prevent any part of the UK media from publishing more on that subject but apparently this is not the case according to the Guardian,
Question is do you think they were in order to publish this type of information ?
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Re: D Notice.

I think we've hit a worrying point in general to be honest.
Governments around the world have realised the web is a great way to spy on their citizens for no apparent reason other than being power hungry and when someone like Snowden breaks the silence over it all and reveals just what they've been doing, they then try and cover it up saying it's to protect national security and our armed forces etc.
I think it's a load of b*ll*x if you ask me. What do they mean by 'national security' ? - Presumably themselves at the top and their interests not those of the rest of us.
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