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Cutting carbon emissions

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Cutting carbon emissions

They keep on about us reducing our carbon footprint. They also keep on about people (especially kids) being overweight and not getting exercise because they are sat on the computer or game console all the time.
Well how about this idea. All PC's/consoles come without mains connection but with an exercise bike that generates power to charge batteries. Therefore in order to use the PC/console they have to use the exercise bike first then while resting get to use PC/console until batteries are discharged.
Solves 2 problems in one  Cheesy Grin Cool.
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Re: Cutting carbon emissions

This idea is already utilised in some buildings are off mains supply that house interactive exhibitions. Don't forget though for your carbon footprint you need to take into account the full live of all products concerned not just the amount of electricity used to power the device. That is going to mean a lot of hard peddling  Grin