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Cuts are cut, but this is B rediculous

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Cuts are cut, but this is B rediculous
West Midlands Police officers who have been forcibly retired due to budget cuts have been invited to return to policing and work for free.
Officers made redundant by West Midlands Police have been sent letters inviting them to apply to be Special Constables - volunteer police officers.
The officers left under regulation A19 through which police with 30 years service can be forced to retire.
A spokesman for the force said the idea had come from a retired officer.
He said: "West Midlands Police were approached by an officer who was retiring under A19 and rejoining as a Special Constable.
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Re: Cuts are cut, but this is B rediculous

I don't like these cuts, One bit and I definitely don't like our new government. Was It all the English that voted the Tories? I think most of Scotland voted for labour, Either way Its a joke.
If life gives you lemons, make lemonade.
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Re: Cuts are cut, but this is B rediculous

Most politicians will only tell you what they think you want to hear.
When out of office everything they are going to do when in power sounds wonderful but once in power............ well you know the rest.
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Re: Cuts are cut, but this is B rediculous

feels like adding insult to injury.  oh, great. deprive me of me job and then invite me to do the same flipping thing for nothing?  i should coko.