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Customer Services over the phone .............The Good, the Bad, and the Useless

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Customer Services over the phone .............The Good, the Bad, and the Useless

3 (Three) mobile phone Company
I was looking into taking out a few contracts with 3 (Three) mobile phone provider for my UK based businesses.
Initially as a personal customer, to try out facilities, coverage, usability etc.
If this went well, I would be looking at business tariffs, though most of my staff are on PAYG, to control costs and reduce abuse of the system.
I was interested in their new 3-2-1- tariff. And 3G phones too.

I had problems signing up on their website, so sent a web form email, being unable to find a phone number to ring them on.
0800 358 8460 , after a 12 minute wait, couldn't deal with my query and referred me back to the web email service.
Other phone numbers took me to the same menus.
This was the auto response I initially received...
We’ve received your email and we’ll get back to you within five working days.  !!
Friday afternoon I received a phone call from 3 (Three) Customer Services. (Four days wait)
"Is it convenient to talk ?" .... No, can you call me back over the weekend ?...... "We don't work weekends" !!!
This is despite what their website states.

A woman with a very strong Indian accent, introduced herself as Susan !!, over a very crackly phone line.
Her voice was very distant, and I struggled to hear her, never mind understand what she was saying.
I had to repeat myself several times, and was getting nowhere fast.
"Can I speak to a UK based operator".... "No"
I terminated the call.
They have lost potential business worth £thousands per annum.

I'm taking out more contracts with Virgin Mobile, my main mobile provider.
Their CS is infinitely better, and the best one I find, of all the mobile providers I use.

I have had similar problems with Barclaycard in the past, I am no longer a customer of theirs.

On the Plus side...
The two companies who have the best, quickest, intelligent operators are..
Plusnet, and First Direct .
Both Yorkshire based, with British operators.
First Direct especially, no menus, they answer within a ring or two, and their first responders are very comprehensively trained, and seldom need to transfer or refer to anyone else, to answer all my queries.
Plusnet, apart from the menus, are usually quick to answer, again rarely having to be referred to another person.

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Re: Customer Services over the phone .............The Good, the Bad, and the Useless

Have to say that my recent experience with Virgin Mobile was worst customer service I've ever received.
I've been PAYG customer for about 12 years - ported number from T-Mobile.
Thought I'd buy ZTE Blade 3 - ordered on line, received confirmation and then second email saying there was payment problem. Card had more than 90% of credit available so puzzled.
Phoned number on email ( 0845) but hung up when someone, whose first language wasn't English, started calling me madam  Sad
Tried 789 only to be told I hadn't ordered phone for 6 years despite my quoting order ref no.
To cut long story short I tried 0800 number and ended up with tele sales - they tried to sell me phone at full price. Got it sorted and paid with original card.
Total time wasted was exactly one hour.
To add insult to injury I received  a series of text questions about customer service and got charged 12p for each reply.
Did receive phone next day but one week later had phone call about initial failed payment. Wanted to check my card details - politely suggested he should depart  Wink
Only use phone to text daughter, on her Virgin mobile, and as there's been a massive price hike I'm actually off to 3  Smiley
Texts to her went from 3p to 10p so 2p on 3 is really attractive. Got sim card and service fine thus far.
Will port number to 3 when used up credit.
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Re: Customer Services over the phone .............The Good, the Bad, and the Useless

I have just had dealings with Tesco mobile (this is in fact run by O2) its a "Which" best provider.
Their customer care was first class sadly mobile reception at my home was almost non existent.  This inspite of the fact their  coverage checker suggested otherwise.
After two days I used the cooling of period and terminated.  Back to Orange and their mediocre customer service,but at least the phone works.