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Crisis, what crisis?

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Crisis, what crisis?

Strange looking back over the years at all those major historical events that were not fully realised at the time.

Should we have paid more attention, or did we have 'more important' things to worry about such as providing for the kids and paying that mortgage.

I have memories of the Suez crisis, Kennedy of course - although I have no idea what I was doing at the time, the rest of the sixties even less for various reasons that I dare not mention and then of course that long standing biggy, the Vietnam war which thankfully our government kept us out of as I'm guessing many of us here would have been dragged into that débâcle along with it's nasty consequences. 

Out of all that has happened - and Covid apart, by far the biggest that grasped my attention at the time was that first man on the moon landing and fingers crossed, I'll be around this time next year to find out what more all those rockets to Mars currently taking to the skys have found out about the place.

May you live in interesting times so the saying goes. Well no arguments there, but if only I'd been more aware of them.

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Re: Crisis, what crisis?

Yes it's very easy to take life for granted and look back and think I wished I had appreciated that more or done more of xyz....

I would live life very differently next time if this had been a rehearsal. I would certainly not waited 'for the right time' but taken a more adventurous approach. 

Makes me sound boring doesn't it, but in truth I wouldn't change anything I have done just done more of it.


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Re: Crisis, what crisis?

All those major historical events and people always say things like - everyone remembers what they were doing when...........

Damned if I do. Am I the only one who remembers the "events" but not what they were doing at the time.

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Re: Crisis, what crisis?

I remember what I was doing at the time of some of them.

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Re: Crisis, what crisis?

I suppose watching the event unfold on the telly would cover many.

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Re: Crisis, what crisis?

I remember 9/11 I was decorating the lounge and watching Sky news so saw it all unfold.Thumbs_Up

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Re: Crisis, what crisis?

I clearly remember what I was doing at the time of the Valley Parade fire  Sad


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Re: Crisis, what crisis?

I clearly remember an interrupted table tennis game at my youth club when someone burst into the room with the news about JFK in 1963.

About a year previously, I can remember a group of people gathered intently around the club's Dansette record player. Intrigued, I wandered over to hear what all the fuss was about. It was Love Me Do, the Beatles first single, and I was immediately hooked. It was plain in those few moments that this was the start of something big.

Another that I'll not forget is doing some gardening, with the radio on, and hearing live commentary as the Heysel Stadium disaster unfolded in 1985. Hard to believe what I was hearing.

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Re: Crisis, what crisis?

Well some of the events mentioned here were a bit before my time.

I remember July 7th. I got to London Bridge - fine. I worked at Old Street (at the time). I did my usual lazy approach of getting the tube. The tube station was shut. Saves me walking (25 mins)

Me (thinking): "Ok, must be a problem with tubes - whatever". I didn't take it seriously.

Then when I was walking over London Bridge towards Bank, I saw about 30 people crowed around outside an office building.

Me: (thinking a bit again): "Must be a fire alarm". Walked past and saw they were watching the TV.
Saw the headline as it said "Power surges on tube".
Me: (thinking): "Weird".

Working it IT, I only really realised something was up when I tried to call my dad. Triple tones. Means the network capacity is full. It must have taken me about a dozen times - I eventually got through.

Me: Dad (he had just woken up). "Put on the news".

(My sister and mum worked there).

Dad: "Get all yourselves home now!"

I got into work, we were all freaking out for an hour. They were good enough to say "Get hold of the people you need to and go home".

So the irony was I had to walk from Old Street to Oxford Street and back to London Bridge to meet my mum. How strange that was - London was so quiet, like from the film "28 Days Later".

We got home fine.

I really feel sorry for the people who were affected. You know what I think - "I will never understand what goes through some peoples minds, and I am so gratified I never will".

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Re: Crisis, what crisis?

I remember 9/11 myself too, saw the live footage, saw that 2nd plane hit, it was absolutely awful, and the atmosphere afterwards as I went to asda was eerily quiet, hardly any cars, no sound of planes, just quiet, and this was around 5 or 6pm when it was usually rush hour, at the time I lived next to a very busy road, and for it to be as quiet as it was showed there was a lot of people quite worried about what happened that day...