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Crime DOES pay!

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Crime DOES pay!
Ministers have lifted a cap on payouts to dangerous ex-offenders because they find it hard to get a flatmate to share with them. But law-abiding claimants still have to share homes.

Could only happen in this country..............unbelievable Angry      
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Re: Crime DOES pay!

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Re: Crime DOES pay!

In this country?.....very believable Angry

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Re: Crime DOES pay!

I think the Sun might have misread this. The rules have changed, yes, but it means that people will go on to the shared accommodation rate, which is usually much lower! This is an extract from the letter sent to claimants.
If you are single and aged 25 or more, but under 35, when your Housing Benefit
Local Housing Allowance (LHA) is reassessed from January 2012 onwards, this
change will apply to you, unless you are covered by one of the exemptions. The
change means that, instead of the LHA rate referred to above, you would move onto
the LHA rate for shared accommodation in your area, which may be much lower.
The exemptions referred to are for people who don't get LHA at all.
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Re: Crime DOES pay!

Dangerous ex-offenders? The Sun?.................. Are we talking about ex NOtW and Sun journalists here?