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Could you be a Judge?

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Could you be a Judge?
Have a go at sentencing. Read about some typical cases and decide what sentence you would pass, then compare it with what actually happened

Typical crimes include Threatening behaviour, Vandalism, Mugging, Drug Dealing, Burglary, Manslaughter and Murder.
Each crime includes several video clips which you use to decide the sentence.
[not a 5 minute browse]
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Re: Could you be a Judge?

Our local Magistrates court had an open day and a number of cases were held and prior to sentence being passed the audience were asked to vote on what they thought the sentence should be and then the magistrates then said what they would have sentenced the person in the dock to.
Everyone present such as the magistrates, prosecution, defense solicitor were proceeding as in their usual role but the person in the dock along with any witnesses were magistrates acting the role based on real life cases.
Very interesting day.
Also got a chance to talk to probation officers, firm responsible for fitting tags plus a look around the cells and a prison van.
If you ever get the opportunity to attend one of these days I would recommend it....... unless of course you have already been through the system as a customer so you will already know what it's like !! Smiley