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Contract of employment

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Contract of employment

Is a contract of employment a legal document ?
I Know there are firms who go bust, make everyone redundant and then offer jobs to those made redundant on terms and condition not as favourable.
There are also situations with some takeovers where TUPE applies but recently in one local health authority and one county council they are threatening that a number of posts have to go and if the number of people applying for redundancy is not high enough everyone will be made redundant and then have to apply for what jobs there are,
such jobs will of course be on less favourable terms and conditions and include wording which does not guarantee the job they have been appointed to.
I Can understand how a private company might get away with this but how could a Health Authority or County Council go bust ? Clearly this is being done to save money but how legal is it ?If it's legal then contracts of employment cannot be worth the paper they are written on ?   
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Re: Contract of employment

It seems that nowadays anything goes as far as contracts of employment are concerned.
A large retailer is now offering contract with 'Zero contractual hours'.  This is to save on holiday pay,redundancy payouts etc. Because...4 weeks holiday pay at zero hours is...ZERO.
The pendulumn has swung the other way since the sixties and seventies.  All I can say is  "Come the revolution,brother".(Foxy - Citizen Smith) Wink