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Congrats to "Anotherone" ....

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Congrats to "Anotherone" ....

18,000 posts..... and counting ! !     Well done...


and thanks for all your help, and for all the work you do "in the background"...  Wink

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Re: Congrats to "Anotherone" ....

Amen to that!  Smiley

Remember you are unique - just like everyone else
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Re: Congrats to "Anotherone" ....

@shutter wrote:

18,000 posts..... and counting ! ! 

And the vast majority of those posted to help others.  Smiley

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Re: Congrats to "Anotherone" ....

and the rest being a grumpy so and so Tongue Crazy3 Thumbs Up

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Re: Congrats to "Anotherone" ....

Been around long enough that even Monty Python knew of him... Grin