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Computer Security, Personal & Business

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Computer Security, Personal & Business

Personal Computers:
I use multiple discrete passwords for most web access sites, 196 at last count !!
Stored on a singularly discrete password protected spreadsheet, in (my) code too so not just easily read, even if accessed.

Like others, I too have received an email purportedly from ebay inviting me to click on a link to reset my "ebay" password, from a slightly different "ebay" email address.... Ignored and reported of course

On most sites I visit, slightly incorrect personal information is usually entered, allowing source to be traced should I receive any dodgy emails.
The addition of a middle initial, or d.o.b. amendment suffices.
Or even an obvious name change, such as Fred Ebay !!
And additional email accounts for one-off or other uses....
It is slightly worrying though that personal information other than passwords has allegedly been accessed too, though as above, it's not entirely accurate for myself.
And is attributable.

My Businesses:
Personal use of Company Computer systems is strictly forbidden, and all access to the Internet is monitored, and the Employees know this.
Mostly Workstations, though some employees do have Internet Access, for Business purposes.
Any Internet access shows a warning that the session is being monitored.

However, we do provide, in a separate room in each Company, on a totally separate system, Internet Access for Employees to use during break time.
This works extremely well, an Idea I picked up from working in a large TV company Newsroom in the past, with many workstations.
I.T. obviously records all Internet Access, some types of sites are discouraged NSFW etc.
Personal Financial Information is also discouraged, ( ie; no Internet shopping ) and staff are automatically logged off and information & caches etc cleared after each session.

And as yet, across several Companies, no Hacking or Main Computer Systems Unauthorised Access, that we are aware of.

At home, personal computers, and business computers are also separate.
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Re: Computer Security, Personal & Business

In my business role I used to be involved in office and trading floor infrastructure fit outs projects. We'd often start while the building floor was still bare concrete. One of the problems would be getting any form of decent land line/internet connection installed while construction works were in progress. On one of the projects, my client's workers flew in from the USA. They were quickly able to hook into the unprotected wireless network of the tenants on the floor above ours. The link was used for browsing emails and VOIP. Needless to say our USA colleagues established a VPN to protect their data..
The dupe company was a law firm!
Now Zen, but a +Net residue.