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Competition Scam

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Competition Scam

I received (26thJuly) an email from "Plusnet" entitled " Oops !  Another chance to enter our competition" . Closing date was 28th July. They apologised for a "broken link" in a previous email.

It looked very authentic and directed me to open the "My Perks" section for entry details etc.

I could not find any details referring to the competition and contacted Plusnet Customer Services who eventually informed me that they thought it was a scam and suggested I report using the Plusnet Community Site.

Plusnet were also going to report the problem to Google.

I have found it unsettling as the email was so like an authentic Plusnet communication.

However, the email (non-reply) address was  which confirmed to the Plusnet Help Team that it was a scam.It also said that it was an "unmonitored address".

I hope this is of use and a warning for fellow Plusnet members.

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Re: Competition Scam

I'm afraid whoever you spoke to in Customer services gave you duff information!

It's a genuine email about a competition. That email address is genuine and is the one normally used by Plusnet for that sort of communication. Its also normal for the type of mail to have a no reply address.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Competition Scam

Hi there.
Sorry to see you’re struggling to enter the competition. When you’re clicking on the link in the marketing email which redirects you to your account, are you then prompted to login? If that’s the case can you try clicking on the link in the email again when you’re already logged into your account?
If you’re still having issues could you either post up or PM me screenshots showing the email and also where the link redirects to?
If you post publicly please make sure you rub out/hide any private information like your account username etc.
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 Anoush Mortazavi
 Plusnet Help Team