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I usually have strong feelings of compassion for someone who has disabilities, or the prospect of losing something precious, like an arm or a leg, or a kidney, or their hair, or their hearing, their sight...due to medical conditons, or necessity.... 


but in this case, I can honestly say...


TOUGH... I don`t give two hoots...  may it happen sooner.... rather than later....

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Re: Compassion

@shutter I agree, and why is that a news story? Many people lose their sight and it isn't reported in the media.

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Re: Compassion

I wonder how accurate that story is ?

Glaucoma is a common condition caused by a build up of pressure in the eye and can be controlled by eye drops or in some cases a minor operation so true it's irreversable in the damage it may have already done to the optic nerve but further treatment can stop further damage.

In West's case she will get priority treatment whilst many ordinary members of the public with this condition may have to wait months to even see a specialist, the way prisoners get priority treatment is the thing that bugs me the most.