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Come to Nantwich and be strip searched

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Come to Nantwich and be strip searched

Come to Nantwich and be strip searched. A report in the local Crewe paper which covers the small town of Nantwich which is part of the crewe. 
Last week they introduced a new sniffer drugs dog that patrols the streets and if it indicates you have drugs they take action. One member of the public described how the dog indentified him and he was then arrested in the street handcuffed put in the back of a Police van and taken to the custardy sweat 15 miles away in Middlwich.
There all his personnel details were taken  in public were everyone could hear. He was finger printed and DNA taken. Finally he was taken into a room and the word used was comprehensively strip searched. No drugs were found on him and he was pushed out of the back door with no apology and left in Middlwich to find his own way back home. Middlwich is a one horse town so getting transport is a joke.
There were other describing how they were strip searched after being arrested. As if this isn’t bad enough if your guilty the Polices own figures show 58 people were identified by the dog and arrested of those 58 only 3 had drugs on them all the rest were totally innocent members of the public going about their lawful business. Apparently drugs stay on things for a long time so a dealer could pay for something in a shop with money that has been close to drugs and you could be given it in your change and the dog could pick it up. You may have been to hospital were you have come in contact with drugs and lots of other reason why you could be wrongly identified.
This give a over 90% error rate for the dog and for that people have been traumatized to be strip searched is enough to give people nightmares for a very long time or worse. People now have more to fear from the Police than the criminals. You would have thought that as they searched people and found they had got it wrong they would have called it off after 20 or so people. This really smacks  at Gestapo tactics and it couldn’t be worse if they had come to power.
What sort of world are we living in when the Police can get away with this? I wonder how many of those arrested were good lucking women? This could be used as an abuse of power
Last week a man and a women were attacked in our area and had their keys and money stolen these 2 are to put it kindly a bit simple. They caught to 2 attackers and arrested them and then left. Both of the two attacked were bleeding and hurt and they were just left they couldn’t get into their house as they had no keys they had no money or anything. They begged people to help them and the landlord said they couldn’t send anyone out as they couldn’t get anyone and they should call a lock smith(with no money no phone how were they to do that) It took from 7 o’clock to 1:30 am before the Police eventually managed to get a locksmith to come out which they injured 2 would have to pay for at some point.
The moral of this is dont come to Crewe
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Re: Come to Nantwich and be strip searched

A dreadful story Samuria.  I would think the people arrested would have a good case against the Police.  It's this sort of incident that does the Police no favours in their relationships with the public. I also feel sorry for the couple that had their belongings stolen.  They deserve an apology for the way they were treated.