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Come Fly With Me....

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Come Fly With Me....

Have you ever wondered what goes on, in the cockpit of a commercial airliner, prior to take off?

Here is a very interesting and informative video..

Airbus 330 San Francisco to Dublin....

Well worth watching...


P.S.  Have it on Full Screen for best experience.

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Re: Come Fly With Me....

Thanks for that, I can't fly commerical airlines I don't have a pilot's license. My brain can't handle that, can I just about manage to deal with keeping my driving license and passort valid - which is enough for me.

Got my passport renewed until January 2024 and my Driving License has been done until October 2030 now. So another thing off my back.

Thanks for the post though, I enjoyed watching some of that. When I was taken on up a Microlight I know a little bit about it. I said to myself 'I wonder if they will mention QNH' They did and and I was suprised I thought of that, so I do remember something.

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Re: Come Fly With Me....

Thanks a lot, @shutter  - really interesting, especially if you've flown. 👍

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Re: Come Fly With Me....

Fascinating; I didn't think I'd have the patience to watch the whole thing but I did.  I've watched some of the other aviation-related videos on Youtube but never sat through the full pre-flight checks.  Interesting that runways 28 and 01 were all in use, presumably very little in the way of wind at that time.

Amusing comment regarding Ryanair near the top of the comments section.