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Clocks have gone back

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Re: Clocks have gone back

Good to hear that you will be posting for many years to come and watch out for friendly fire  Wink
Stay safe
That tram doesn't come up my way so is not much use.
I once had a go on a 250cc and it scared the life out of me.
125cc's these days are f-a-s-t though, not the kiddies stuff they used to be.
Stay safe also

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Re: Clocks have gone back

Quote from: PJ
having seen the increased visibility given by reflective bands on your legs- I'm about to invest in some

I just got some last week for the kids from Aldi. They are in packs of 4 (legs & arms) and have led's on them as well. Made by "3M Scotchlite".
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Re: Clocks have gone back

Yes they are good 3M are the best brand you can buy ALDI have  some right good bargains,
Thanks Dick - i will do - i ride it about on my days off it's an 07 plate but i'm still putting the engine though the 500 mile breakin - i can drive round sheffield all day and only do like 25-30 miles Sad