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Climate sceptic site but this isn't climate related - so please read it

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Climate sceptic site but this isn't climate related - so please read it
How I got my life back – my hearing has been restored to near-normal
This is an extremely personal note, and I have been waiting a week to write to see if in fact the results were real and lasting. I’m happy to report that they are and I am a changed person as a result of this transformation. Let me tell you a story about my struggle and how I suffered with for years now my family and my friends in my career and everything suffered along with it and what I did to solve it.
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Re: Climate sceptic site but this isn't climate related - so please read it

You'd be surprised just how many so called permanent health conditions can actually be caused by something else that IS fixable.
Since 2008/9 I also suffered some health problems - my joints were diagnosed with osteoarthritis and i was told that it was a one way street with no getting better (as anyone else with it will tell you). Multiple scans, x-rays, MRIs and they continued to mess me around saying they could see nothing but thinning cartiledge yet I was reassured by other medical professionals that it was definitely OA and that i was screwed.
Work was hell. Three different jobs, bosses, bouts of sick leave, shoutings at, misery, wanting to end it all, depressive diagnosis's... it just seemed to go on and on with life throwing the most negative of things at me. My life was a wreck before that diagnosis and it got so much worse after. I literally questioned my own sanity and then to top it all off, i had several folks here on this forum giving me a hard time too.. during one of the hardest times of my life (hope they're proud). Oh and did I mention that every day i was in sheer agony?
Some years later and I had surgery on something else. Three months later i was running up the stairs two steps at a time again as i used to in my younger years. I had a few good months pain free and then... it came back  Cry Whats worse was that the medical people refused to believe the two issues were related (the so called specialists) yet my GP (not a specialist) was telling me its rare but common knowledge. Then i had the op last year that went seriously wrong.. which was to deal with it again and while it has dealt with my joint problems, I am still left with the original painful problem (though semi reduced) and am now stuck on prescription painkillers for the foreseeable future. Still... at least i have reasonable use of my joints and legs again but at the cost of several other parts of my body and new complications that will be stuck with me for life due to surgical error. Worst part is that i cannot rely on my body for any physical activity meaning that my employment prospects are shot too!
Well done National Hooter Service..
It has to be said, i wonder just how many other people are suffering ailments that are actually being caused by something else that the NHS don't want to be bothered with. They ruined my life in my 20s without hesitation. Whats to say they're not happily ruining other peoples? - Only the very young and elderly seem to matter these days.
Something else I noticed years ago too.. milk can cause dodgy bowels and we're a nation addicted to it. I avoid it now unless i need to get things moving however very few in medical circles will ever mention this, they'll just diagnose IBS instead  Crazy
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