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Climate Change Kids

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Re: Climate Change Kids

On the subject of cynicism, I know we're pumping unwanted / unneeded Greenhouse gasses into the environment, but the recorded 'rise' in temperature is a new and very recent thing, as in the last 150± years. So as we have no record of the past, then who is to say this phenomena isn't a natural one, but we are able to record it with our 'new world' instruments.

We know there are cycles, hence ice ages, but who's to really know!

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Re: Climate Change Kids

@VileReynard wrote:

Cynicism is rife in this forum.

We've known for many years about global warming but done virtually nothing.

Must be a bit galling when your kids have to tell you this.

These kids should be refusing to get in their parents car as it's greener to walk. They should be refusing to use all electronic toys, phones etc. They should be insisting that they wear repaired or hand me down clothes as anything new is a waste. They should insist that their parents lawn be turned into veg plots and that they should grow veg plus cook their own food with only locally grown produce. They should commit to not adding to the world population.

When all this happens I shall indeed feel that the younger generation have indeed shamed me for my past ways.

Until then methinks they protest too loudly. 

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Re: Climate Change Kids

We can measure CO2 levels in air trapped in ice cores for the last few thousand years...

Or you can look at tree rings as an indicator of climate over many hundreds of years...

I expect there's dozens of more reliable ways of measuring global temperatures.

Ice ages are cyclical - each cycle lasting maybe 100,000 years (or so).

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Re: Climate Change Kids

Not forgetting more in your face things like long lost villages being revealed as the ice melts.


I expect if we jump forwards enough years the kids will be protesting that their parents aren't doing enough to produce more pollution to try and stop the rapidly lowering temperatures of the approaching ice age.

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Re: Climate Change Kids

I'm not sure we have a few more years for anybody to be protesting about anything.

Like dinosaurs of old, meteorite - what meteorite?

Ah, that one. Sad