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Cleggy has left the village

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Cleggy has left the village

Peter Sallis has died:

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Re: Cleggy has left the village

I must admit to having stopped watching LOTSW after Foggy and then Compo. The replacements just didn't make me laugh as much.
But a sad day for W&G fans as well.
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Re: Cleggy has left the village

Agree that the "replacements" were not as good as the originals.....


I did think that Peter Sallis aka Cleggy, was the best of the three, acting wise... although his roles were generally somewhat of a "secondary nature" to the "stars" of the show...


Shame he has passed on to another area of God`s Own Country... Yokshu in the sky...  but we all have to go sometime.


R.I.P... may he never get beaten with Norah`s broom.... !

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Re: Cleggy has left the village

No more cheese Gromit... Sad

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Re: Cleggy has left the village


Same here.

Sad as you say, but even sadder was a series that went of for far too long and with characters that no longer fitted. Sad

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