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Clegg & Free bus passes

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Clegg & Free bus passes

Whilst Clegg might have been correct in saying pensioners with over a million pounds should not get Bus Passes he slipped up by using Alan Sugar as an example.
Sugar said he does not have a bus pass and Clegg  was an," idiot and a twit".
Shows the danger in naming someone as an example.
Come to think of it how many people with more than a million pounds would be using public transport ?
They are building some fairly expensive houses a few miles from where I live and someone had sent a message to the Local paper regarding a Bus route for the area,
Someone replied along the lines a bus route was not required as anyone living there would have 2 or more cars.
This was followed by a further comment that a bus service was essential otherwise how would the cleaners get there !!
Amused me anyway. Smiley
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Re: Clegg & Free bus passes

You can always rely on Alan Sugar to hit the nail on the head, although Clegg is such an easy target Wink