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Classified ads

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Classified ads

I use eBay for selling off odd bits and bobs, but for larger things it is often easier to put a classified ad in the local rag.
So why is it that every time I do this I get calls from people who sound interested, arrange a time to come and look, and then don't bother to turn up?
I have just been waiting in for a guy who said he would be here between 9 and half past. It is now just gone 11am. I think this is just plain rude. If you ring up to discuss the item, and you are not interested, then you say so, surely? If you genuinely intend to turn up but can't, you call and let them know, surely?
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Re: Classified ads

Spot on denzil.  Im glad someone has posted this. It sure gets me down waiting on people who never come.As I'm deaf i have to sit peering out window for hours.
We must put our heads together and devise an anti waiting strategy.
Have you tried telling callers someone else is comming in 30 mins.
Asda and Currys are the worst iv found.