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Christmas (Sloe Gin) Mince Pies

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Re: Christmas (Sloe Gin) Mince Pies

@Minivanman  @billnotben It's an interesting science and chemistry is wining Cheesy


You can make wine out of anything that isn't poisonous or toxic and ferments.

My parents made some cracking Yorkshire pudding and tea wine (although it had some other fruit in it).

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Re: Christmas (Sloe Gin) Mince Pies

@Minivanman wrote:


Been down that long road with wine making.

Made some out of plums once, left it for a couple of years and although it was enough to blow your socks off it tasted awful. Found it all to much of a bother so now I just stick to doing the odd batch of home brew now and then which as you'll know, is only a two week wait after bottling - although a little longer and its a lot better.

I would have a go at making some of the strong stuff but far to much trouble - and far to many horror stories for my liking!


In those days you had little choice but to make your own wine, much of the stuff you could buy in those days was rubbish.

Now it easier just to buy the stuff, will cost you more but cuts the waiting time down.Wink

Did buy some copper tube but really a pointless and risky thing to be bothering with, after all one bottle of home made wine was far more enjoyable over a longer period and had the same effect as the much 'short(er) drink.

Amazing the different yeasts you could get for the various types of wine from the local herbal shop.....long gone.

And you could make stout, leaving a guinness bottle to stand for a few days and use the last few inches in the bottle that contained the 'live' yeast.....not sure if that still applies today.

As for mince pies, last few years we have had some with whisky in from Aldi......

Is Gin not tasteless ? hence the reason we see this vast range of different tasting gins all over the place


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Re: Christmas (Sloe Gin) Mince Pies


In our local town a pub which had been closed and shuttered for months is now opening up as one of those gin places, so maybe like Lampeter not far from where we are, we'll now be going all bohemian and have soon to be seen sheep farmers with buns in their hair and wearing beards!