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Christmas Lights Issue

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Christmas Lights Issue

A couple of days ago I went out on a shopping trip.

Passing through the village I noticed a ladder up against a telephone pole, naturally thinking it was Openreach.

When I came back there was a man up the ladder fixing a length of Christmas lights to the pole.

Now I could have been mistaken but I was guessing the man wasn't working for Openreach at the time.

My suspicions were confirmed when the man went back into his front garden and proceeded to attach the opposite end of the string of lights to his house wall.

If folk in the area start to have problems in the evening with their broadband I wonder if they will put it down to a neighbour's Christmas lights display.

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Re: Christmas Lights Issue

Someone should report him! The next thing will be a flag up a pole; this MUST stop. Grin

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Re: Christmas Lights Issue

Bah humbug.