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Christmas Crackers

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Christmas Crackers

Like many people, we will be having the family round over the christmas period, and part of the "jollificaions" will be the presenting to each person... a Christmas Cracker.

Ooooooh!   how exciting... same old... same old, as last year and the year before....and the year before... way back when..


Having a discussion about them in the car today,... ( while she "thought" she was on the way to buy some more )... I suggested that she was really throwing money into the bin.... as when you analyze what a christmas cracker is.. and what it is made of,.. it is RUBBISH>. yet we still spend thousands of pounds every year on them


Paper... rubbish.

Cardboard tube .... rubbish

Snap pull .... rubbish

Contents.... rubbish.. 

Ok. so it can be "RECYCLED"...

but does anyone recycle £5.00 or £10.00 notes in their recycling bin    ? ? ? ?


I don`t leave a tip for the bin men... and I`m certainly not going to fill the recycling bin with fivers and tenners... just because its christmas.....AGAIN....  


( bah humbug ).


P.S.    she DID buy some more, at the garden centre we went to... but they were 70% off the normal price... and cost her £1.20...

( even so... that`s £1.20 going straight into the recycle bin, tomorrow )... Shocked

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Re: Christmas Crackers


I'm with you on this one, but you forgot to mention the other bit of rubbish, yes, the plastic toy. We're supposed to get the crackers mainly for the kiddies, but how many have potentially choked when putting these in their mouths, Ban 'em I say.  Angry

Oh, and as for the humbugs..I like those.  Thumbs_Up

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Re: Christmas Crackers




See  "Contents"   above  ! !  Roll_eyes


Have a nice Christmas.... without the crackers! ! ..Wink

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Re: Christmas Crackers

Make your own crackers then. The hardest part to find is the snapper but even in the 80s my grandfather used to know a shop to get them from. Today with ebay etc it should be no problem.

If you make your own then you can fill them with decent gifts instead of cheap tat meaning it was worth the effort and cost.
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Re: Christmas Crackers

The problem with making your own is that you have to take responsibility for the lame jokes.