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Christmas Clearout ?

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Christmas Clearout ?

Just spent the weekend having a right good clear-out, making room for pressies, to give, and hopefully receive.
Anything I haven't used for a year is considered.
But mostly paperwork, the shredder has been working overtime, and paused for a temperature break a few times.
And the Garages and Outhouses, thankfully not too cold outside at the moment.
Photo's in large albums I rarely look at, they are on digital Photo frames these days too.... backed up on computer and elsewhere, several drawers full of those, got it down to one drawer with a bit of extra space available.
Mega Shred session finished.
And a good bottoming ready for Christmas visitors, all coming to my place this year.
Apart from some relatives and friend abroad..... SKYPE time Christmas Day

Physical items, not too many, I don't keep stuff I don't use, taken down to the Charity Shops regularly.
And.... my loose change coin jar, donated to the local Hospice, and other local Charities.
A good clearout for myself, is helping others less fortunate.
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Re: Christmas Clearout ?

I have a couple of Xbox games and DVDs I don't use, might donate them to Sheffield Children's Hospital, Many many moons ago the place was almost my second home for various reasons.
In fact I might call up there this week.