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Christmas 2018

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Christmas 2018

Christmas comes early.... again

My local Tesco had some Christmas muzak in store this week, thankfully mixed in with other music


Well it does mean we can buy Mince Pies to go with our afternoon tea.


Though we have to eat them soon, as they go out of date way before the 25th...


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Re: Christmas 2018

I went into a couple of stores last week and there were a few snowmen and reindeer on shelves and big spaces they were obviously clearing for Christmas stock - not to mention the cards on sale.

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Re: Christmas 2018




Primark Advent Calendar

Titled 'Deck the Halls' its design features a cartoon image of Mickey and Minnie Mouse and behind each of the 25 doors, customers will receive a Disney bauble.

The retailer released its Disney baubles for the first time last year and they proved massively popular with shoppers.

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Re: Christmas 2018

I'm a contractor based in a supermarket distribution warehouse, the Xmas stock has been coming in for the last few weeks.

There is already an influx of extra agency staff being trained to drive forklifts ready to handle the increased work load.
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Re: Christmas 2018

Our Tesco opens at 9:30am Sundays to browse.

Today, Christmas music was playing.

Staff & Customers had a right old Merry Christmas sing-a-long, until 10am when the store officially opened.


Brightened our day !


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Re: Christmas 2018

I've not yet heard a christmas single, not complaing - but give it time I suppose.

My sister got all her christmas shopping yesterday - yes a bit early but wanted some things now that may sell out. You get people that either want the stock of something, or don't and buy it all up so it is all sold out and they can sell it on eBay et al at higher prices and make a profit.

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Re: Christmas 2018

Yesterday I bought a couple of items for Christmas Presents, to see what they were like.

They were OK, but when I went to buy some more.... they had sold out !


Lesson learned, the shop has an excellent returns policy, I should have bought several more, and returned them if not wanted.


Apart from food, we  do not do Christmas shopping for the two weeks before Christmas, ok, perhaps some online shopping !

The day before Christmas shopping ends, our local butcher, who wins national awards, has a queue going right down the High Street, customers collecting pre-orders of fresh Turkeys and other meats..!

The greengrocer next door is similar.



We get both delivered, it's worth the small fee.