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Changing your mind

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Changing your mind

Sorry to say that this is another Michael Jackson thread but to my astonishment all the hype around his death has made me take another look at his work.
I was never a particular fan but now I am looking at him in a new light. I was watching a bit of TV which showed footage of rehearsals taken a few days before his death and even then his immense talent was plain to see. Now I can see why his fans are so devoted.
Yes, he was a very mixed-up and rather sad individual but history shows that talented people often were 'unusual' in their behaviour.
It's funny how certain situations, particularly life-changing ones make us look more closely at things and are capable of making us change our minds completely.
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Re: Changing your mind

I can't claim to be a big fan but when you've seen him dance on stage live as I have it was quite something and his timing was spot on.

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