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Caught Again

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Caught Again

Email just received and it's a poor one.

Do they seriously expect people to fall for it but sadly people do.

Dear Driver,

This is the automatic letter of advice of the Parking Service.
Road cameras have secured the of your car. Thus, you will have to pay the applicable fine.
In order to successfully satisfy the payment obligation, you will have to finalizethe invoice on the official website.
Your Fine Invoice ID is zMkTmV

Please submit it here: *** Live link removed ***
Then, you will receive all essential details to make the payment.
You have one day to register the fine. Differently, significant charges may apply.

Please do not reply to this message.

Best Regards,
Parking Service

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Re: Caught Again

Disregarding the last line... " do not reply to this message"..... 


interesting how they know the driver`s email address, but fail to address him with his name... or even details of the car, and location of the "camera"..


apart from the terrible english and spelling mistakes...


What a pathetic effort...... BUT.. as you say Strat.... some people do fall for it... 


I recently had an email from some lady in france. who knew my name and address.. but fortunately the .dot attachment would not open...  

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Re: Caught Again

I read somewhere (think it might have been RevK's blog) that some of these spam emails are deliberately rubbish. Apparently the intent is to weed out the sorts who have a clue and are likely to give them a bit of a hard time.


Maybe I'm just believing that to give my ego a bit of a massage Grin

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Re: Caught Again

@MattyC, when you think about it that makes perfect sense (well to me it does).