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Carrier Bag Confetti

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Carrier Bag Confetti

Came across a drawer with quite a few Old Style Tesco Carrier Bags, saved from last year .....


Pulled them out, & got showered with Confetti !!


They had bio-degraded !!


Wonder why they don't provide these currently ?

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Re: Carrier Bag Confetti

They do. All plastics that are not used for agricultural or construction purposes have to biodegrade. The reason they were banned or charged for in shops is that they don't degrade in the sea, and it's ocean borne plastic debris that is a big concern.

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Re: Carrier Bag Confetti

I had a similar experience with carrier bags I'd stored inside another bag; I thought I'd had a mouse in the room, trying to make a nest, but I was unable to find any way it could have got into the outer bag.