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Careful what you say

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Careful what you say

My many years of marriage and working as a senior manager taught me to be careful  what I say to other people. (Mr Cameron might note this Smiley ). Here at Adair Towers the building is in a terrestrial TV and Radio blackspot. Factor in the thick stone walls of our home and it means we cannot receive FM or Medium Wave transmission in most rooms of the house. Fortunately the Internet means while at the breakfast table we can listen to John Humphrys via speakers connected to an old laptop with an XP operating system.

Recently the laptop started to play up and we couldn't click on the the browser based BBC iPlayer to listen to the radio. Other applications were also problematic. It was obvious that despite the paid-for and current anti-virus my wife had managed to access a dubious website and download some malware on to the laptop.  Fortunately I didn't express those views at the time.

After a lot of software investigation on my part over three days I finally realised the left mouse button had broken.

Now Zen, but a +Net residue.
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Re: Careful what you say

Lucky on that occasion then Cool
Unfortunately I find it's possible to make what is a totally innocent remark to someone for it to be taken the wrong way, so these days I tend to just keep it Lips are sealed