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Christmas cards, Birthday cards, get well cards........etc

Do you send them or would you send them if your partner did not send them.

Most men I speak to would not bother and it's unlikely I would bother if swmbo did not do it, changes of addresses, dates to remember etc..... too much for me.

Am I wrong in thinking that the majority of cards are sent by women ?

The only exception I can think of when I would send a card is following the loss of a relative or close friend and that would be in addition to contacting those most affected by it.

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Re: Cards.

I tend to be the one who keeps tabs of birthdays, etc. chez Mav.


There is a card shop not too far away where decent ones can be got for 39p upwards rather than the £2 or £3 from such places as Clinton Cards.


As for posting I will try and hand deliver where possible.

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Re: Cards.

I always send Christmas cards.

Posted - but many hand delivered as said, a good excuse to say hello.

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Re: Cards.

Thanks for reminding me, it's our anniversary on the 30th. I remember her birthday and Valentine's day also but those are good investments. Otherwise SWMBO is motivated in that direction and I ain't I do offer encouragement though
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Re: Cards.

Nah, just a message on facebook or send 'em a tweet! 

I blame the bloody Victorians and let's face it, it's all got out of hand what with mothers, fathers, and aunt fanny adams days. 

It's all humbug. Ticked off

Seriously though, Mrs Minivanman buys all the cards, and Mrs Minivanman then forgets to send them Smiley

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Re: Cards.

Christmas,birthdays, Easter, anniversaries etc - nah, but SWMBO does.


For a one off like bereavement or moving house I design one on the PC.

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Re: Cards.

My missus sends cards....  I buy her one for her birthday, and for the wedding anniversary, ... but for others "on my side"... I use


Much more fun going through them to find something, than standing in front of the card rack waiting for "the all clear" before bagging the cheapest... ! ! 


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Re: Cards.

I do send Christmas cards. I will order them in October. It's always a last minute rush as I forget to get them ready but they eventually get done and off in time.



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Re: Cards.



Thanks for the link, have passed it on to swmbo, anything to make her life easier !


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Re: Cards.

SWMBO and I exchange the same cards each year for Birthdays and Christmas, and have done so for best part of 30 years. Getting a bit dated now. but neither of us object or consider buying new one's.

And before you ask, it was Mrs P who instigated it not as you might think me.

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