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Cardinal Pell and Justice served?

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Cardinal Pell and Justice served?

Lets's hope so anyway and if found guilty, he gets hung out to dry.

Never has an organisation wriggled so much when one of their own comes under suspicion, they've been utterly shameful.

I recall watching this guy in a debate with Dawkins about five years back and I must say he seemed to me at least as hollow as his arguments.

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Re: Cardinal Pell and Justice served?

Sadly a lot of sex offenders get away with their offences, usually due to the damage they do to their victims and said victims not coming forward to make a case against them, and although these historical abuse cases are appearing more frequently now, those "people" have lived a life of freedom knowing full well what they did.

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Re: Cardinal Pell and Justice served?

Problem is there are soo many that have been hidden , waiting to be found Sad

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