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Car Tax Scam

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Car Tax Scam

Some drivers have been getting a message from the DVLA to inform them their car tax has not been paid due to some issue with the direct debit ......

So be aware !

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Re: Car Tax Scam

surely it's from the DVLA it woulnd't be a scam.. do you mean purportedly from the DVLA? Wink
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Re: Car Tax Scam

Find out for sure.... here


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Re: Car Tax Scam

@dvorak wrote:
 do you mean purportedly from the DVLA? Wink

Picky, picky

@gleneagles did call this thread ' car tax scam'....that should be a clue that DVLA were not involved.

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Re: Car Tax Scam

Not just Car Tax. Had one come through yesterday supposedly from Santander. Nice try but in plain text (I don't do HTML for emails) "thecomicshop" in the link to click on doesn't quite match Santander. Keep them peeled, wherever they say they are from.

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