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Can you actually jump-start a train...

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Can you actually jump-start a train...

Stockholm train crashed into apartments 'by cleaner'
A cleaning woman stole an empty commuter train in a suburb of Stockholm and crashed it into a house, injuring herself, Swedish officials say.

Whatever next... a porter stealing a 787 Cheesy

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Re: Can you actually jump-start a train...

I've seen some of those Swedish women...she probably kick started it. Shocked

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Re: Can you actually jump-start a train...

It happened here years ago under BR. It was on News at Ten with Trevor McDonald.
Young bloke had somehow managed to collect bits and pieces of a BR train drivers uniform and the drivers toolkit (you know, the metal handles etc).
Turned up at a station that was at the end of the route, picked his train and departed with it before the real driver got to it. Picked up passengers, drove the train at speeds up to 90mph i think they said and stopped to let passengers on / off at every station on the route that was timetabled.
When he got to the end of the line, the police were there waiting for him and nicked him. It went to court where it was explained that not only did he drive like a professional, he'd also kept the train running on time to the timetable  Shocked Iirc he was actually complimented in court on his ability. His only defence was that he'd always wanted to drive a train  Undecided
Needless to say he got sent away for a long number of years.
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