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Call to limit taxi drivers' hours

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Call to limit taxi drivers' hours

"Road safety charity Brake is calling on the government to limit the number of hours taxi drivers are allowed to work before they take a proper break.
The move is supported by the family of Gary Glymond who was knocked down and killed by a taxi in South Yorkshire on his 18th birthday in March last year. "
I must say I didn't realise they weren't already regulated like this. I somehow assumed they had tachographs .
Mind you there are other aspects of the taxi trade that need tidying up - many towns you find the taxis are older cars that have done huge mileages are are frankly a discrace.
Not everywhere of course - I know one taxi firm near Cambridge that has a lease agreement and has good cars always between 0 and 40,000 miles - so less than a year old, and another firm near here that has a similar deal with a Mercedes dealer and has C class diesels less than two years old.  And I think it's in Brighton the council insist all taxis are less tah a certain age/mileage and have a similar colour and I think cream bonnet.
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Re: Call to limit taxi drivers' hours

It is the local authorities that are responsible for licencing Hackney Carriage and Private Hire vehicles.  The vehicles are inspected once a year and the drivers undergo a criminal records check.  Hours of work are not controlled. 
In London the black cabs are more rigorously controlled but again I don't think hours are covered.  Many London cabbies will drive until they have earned a certain amount of money before going home.