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Cafe Culture Vulture?

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Cafe Culture Vulture?

We often see, in films, and documentaries, travel progs, etc... people sitting outside, and sometimes inside, cafes, with one cup of coffe and a large newspaper, or laptop, wasting away time, or working.   This also happens here in the UK, too. which may be a bit of "copycat" action on behalf of those who do it,....

...... do those people consider that, because they have paid for one cup of coffee... ( about £2.00 ) they have the right to occupy a table for four, as their own "personal space" for as long as they feel the need to? I woulld estiamte, probably for about an hour at least, judging by the size of some of those newspapers ! ...

What about the Cafe proprietor.... having to stand inside, and look at those empty spaces, that could be earning him some money to pay his rent/staff/outgoings etc.. and yet... he really does not want to go up to those people and suggest they "move on" and let him earn his living, as that would cause a scene, and probably lose him custom too !...

Whenever we go to a cafe,.. I feel that once I have finished the tea/coffee/cake whatever, we should leave, within a reasonable amount of time, so that the table can be use for other customers.

Are you  a "cafe culture vulture " ? ?

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Re: Cafe Culture Vulture?

I kind of understand what you are saying @shutter, and if I go into a cafe for a coffee or snack, drink or eat up and leave - I usually have other things to do at that time.

The only exception is if I go to a Costa/Starbucks and I'm just 'mooching' about. Providing the establishment isn't too busy, I may spend a little more time and catch up on the iPad, or read a couple of chapters of a book.

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Re: Cafe Culture Vulture?


For some reason your post reminded me of this painting of a New York diner in the 1940s..  called "Nighthawks". Plenty of room in there!






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Re: Cafe Culture Vulture?

As a new recruit to the world of being a widower, I am finding occasionally that restaurants don't like single men very much when they take up a table for four.

Then the restaurants should provide smaller tables for one or two, that are not pushed into some dingy dark corner  The single man has to eat as well, sometimes alone.

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Re: Cafe Culture Vulture?

The things we in the first world worry about, eh?Smiley

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Re: Cafe Culture Vulture?

Beware the man sitting at a small table alone, in a dark corner of the Coffee Bar, with a Laptop and a cold cup of coffee.

He could be intercepting everyone's data by setting up a look-alike public Wi-Fi spot.