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CRASH - who pays ?

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Re: CRASH - who pays ?

@Mook wrote:

The simple answer to me is when someone is caught, charged and found guilty of a driving offence and who have no insurance then they should be made to pay for the damage as part of their sentencing, and if the don’t pay within a fixed time, set at the time, they get jailed, maybe 1 month for every £500 of damage caused.

The damage should also cover infrastructure, clean up time and personnel just to give them something to consider.

I would wager that the majority of these cases are young joyriders or burglars who are most likely unemployed and on benefits. In all likely-hood they will be forced to pay something like £1 per week towards the costsCrazy2

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Re: CRASH - who pays ?

Reminds me of the time back in the late 60s when some guy smacked into the side of my then pride and joy, a Ford Anglia 100E.

As it happens, the driver was more than a few sheets to the wind, no drivers licence - and not a youngster as it happens. Nearly broke a couple of my fingers as well I seem to recall. Contacted to police of course and the copper that turned up said I'd be lucky to get half a crown a week out of him as he was also an Irish citizen. 

And the car? Sold it for £25. Sad