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CHRISTMAS TV 2016..... 2015.... 2014.... 1936

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CHRISTMAS TV 2016..... 2015.... 2014.... 1936

Terrestrial Christmas TV listings for every year
since 1936!

Just click on the links


2016 Listings subject to change

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Re: CHRISTMAS TV 2016..... 2015.... 2014.... 1936

I used to love christmas TV back in the 80s and 90s, it was always something to look forward to and ITV and the BBC would advertise their christmas films weeks in advance using a christmas theme.

These days it seems like ITV just can't be bothered at all. They're a real disappointment. C5 and a few others on freeview seem to show more christmas films in a week than i've seen on ITV for the last couple of decades. They're a disgrace!

BBC seems to come and go.. I guess they're doing the politically correct thing of trying not to upset those of a non christian faith... even though David Cameron once publically aired his view that "this is a christian country".

Anyway I don't suppose you know of any sites that go historical TV listings in general? - not just christmas?

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Re: CHRISTMAS TV 2016..... 2015.... 2014.... 1936

I picked the Christmas TV mag up for my Mum yesterday, had a flick through, and apart from Open all Hours, there is not one programme on terrestrial TV I was even remotely interested in. Luckily, I'm spending the holiday period with friends, so won't get bored.

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Re: CHRISTMAS TV 2016..... 2015.... 2014.... 1936

thats a pretty cool site to look back on Wink