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Buying an Excercise Bike

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Buying an Excercise Bike

Hi folks,

I have had a suggestion from my Osteopath that It would be a good idea to buy an excercise bike in order to help the muscles in my legs get strong again whilst keeping my leg straight and the muscles in the correct position. I go to the gym 2 to 4 times a week, but going sometimes just to use a bike is a bit much.

Before I start scanning the Internet and Google giving me back it's prefered (sponsored) options, I thought I would ask folk here what experiences that have had: what I should look for in such a device and maybe which brands are better and which are better avoided.

Your views would be a help.



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Re: Buying an Excercise Bike

I have a V-fit recumbent in my office, it's all adjustable and electronic to track what you've been doing, it's a purchase I've not regretted.


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Re: Buying an Excercise Bike

@madswitcher   Suggestion..... Cancel the gym membership.... use the money to buy a decent road bike...put some mudguards on it,... and some lights...  get a helmet... and use the bike to go to the gym 2 to 4 times a week... or even more.... don`t forget  you can also come back on it... so ... you save money... get 4 times the exercise you did just going to the gym in your present fashion... and have the option of going out and about every day.... with no insurance.. no road tax... and no fuel costs rising every day... 

Simples ! .. :smiley:

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Re: Buying an Excercise Bike

I have one of these, chosen after a bit of research.

It suits my needs with magnetic resistance adjustable from easy to [-Censored-] hard.

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Re: Buying an Excercise Bike


Well one thing is for sure, you won't get very far on an exercise bike!

As for a proper bike those days are long gone from when the roads were a lot safer all round and a trip to Brighton from Croydon on the old A23 was a great day out but now, not on your nelly.... or on your bike. :smiley:

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Re: Buying an Excercise Bike

I have an Exercise/Cross Trainer - I wouldn't recommend one of these as the stretch between seat and bars is too great and can become uncomfortable.

Road bikes are okay, but unlike an exercise bike, where you can set the tension very low, you cannot avoid hills and my knees certainly couldn't take the strain of cycling up a hill. Working out in a gym will also drive you on harder and harder, due to competitive nature of humans, if you have a physical problem this may be harmful and so having an exercise bike at home, where you can work out at your pace could be advantageous.

I haven't used a recumbent bike, but understand these are far better for the joints, although they are more expensive and bigger in size. When I replace mine, this type will be given a closer look, but gone are the days when you could go into a shop and 'try before you buy'

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Re: Buying an Excercise Bike

It depends on how much you want to spend to be honest. I bought a Concept2 BikeErg for the garage gym and have loved it. The roads are too dangerous around here so much safer riding in my own gym. I connect the bike to Zwift and probably ride 4/5 times a week. Great workout.

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Re: Buying an Excercise Bike

Hi all, appolgies for not coming back sooner on this.

I decided to buy a Life Fitness bike from John Lewis' having tried one out in one of their stores. Good solid build with a snazzy screen that displays stuff like heart rate, pace etc.  It was also the manufacturer that supplied the gym that I go to and they are very happy with the reliability of the brand.

I did think about cycling over to the gym as one person suggested, but on the rounds around where I live, it is not safe to do so.  Also having it in doors makes it available for other members of the family to take advantage of it.

So thanks foir all your suggestions, - I am looking forward it being delivered next week.